What up, Droid? 12/17/09

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
Published: December 17, 2009

There was such a flurry of activity surrounding the Google Phone this week that I feel like I need to deliver the first section of this What up, Droid? the way Cartman sings about Kyle's Mom. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell,

Nexus One

Unless you've been under a rock, in a coma, or, dare I say it, AFK for the past week, you know that Google recently handed out some party favors in the form of freebie Nexus One units. This, of course, led to some leaks. Nothing too mind-blowing, but there are pictures, video of the Nexus' 2.1 ROM (or at least the boot animation) running on a Droid, a straight view of the animation itself, wallpapers and ring tones (link includes video of 2.1 ROM booting on a G1), snaps of the box, more phone images, etc., etc.

A few shoddy resources went MIA after a guy who really shouldn't have had the device blew a domain-flipping scheme and freaked out when his co-conspirator was contacted via RL identity. They pulled their site, YouTube videos, and a lot of other breadcrumbs that have supposedly each been duplicated once. At least that's what I hear. Their content wasn't very substantial so none of this matters all that much. Moving on.

Noobs and ex-noobs

Considering the Android storm that is accumulating in the mainstream consciousness, I thought I'd take a quick look at what we can expect in terms of a Google-supported ecosystem populated by Android friends as well as glimpse what HTC may or may not have in store for the next line of Sense-bearing Androids.

Adriana also made a video for folks who are new to the world of Android and want an overview of a good chunk of the devices that are currently available. *Spotlighted on YouTube. Another great resource for noobs and intermediate users alike is PCWorld's 40 tips and tricks piece, here.


Current Sprint users will be glad to know that Hero and Moment will be skipping 2.0 and jumping to 2.1. The bad news? It could be a while.

HTC is getting into the business of dispersing widgets via the Android Market. Yay! (cont.)



Hacky stuff

I was pretty hung up on Nexus news this week and didn't follow the hacking world too closely but I can tell you that the Nook has been rooted and the Motorola Droid can be used with system-wide multi-touch (Another)

Those are the stories that caught my attention this week. Think I missed something important? Leave a comment!

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