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Happy holidays, folks. I'm alone with Panda Express right now but it's all family time once the wife gets out of work, so you'll have to forgive me if I keep this short and sweet.

Eclair for G1

Android Spin is reporting that they have the inside scoop on some T-Mo updates and that 2.0 and 2.0.1 are in the pink... rather, in the magenta, ready for handset beaming. I haven't read confirmation anywhere just yet, but this puts a nice spin on DroidDog's next giveaway.

New DroidDog contributers

Speaking of the extension of G1' s welcome, check out videos by Carlos Graves demonstrating a really fast SuperD ROM and a utility called SwitchROM used for backing up and restoring your Android environments. Another new contributor was born out of the myTouch giveaway when I saw some of the winner's articles on Android. Andrew Steffy has written a piece on the fragmentation of Android app stores, and also covered the leak of Nexus One specs.

Nexus One

Speaking of the Google buzz monster, some new videos and images leaked this week, including an unboxing and a sort of walk-through. There was also some news about the possibility of the N1 being released only to those invited by Google on January 5th. Looks most of us will be living vicariously through a lucky few.


I put together one of my questions and requests videos - this one for Motorola's Cliq, which was recently rooted.

O.K., peeps. Time for me to get my holiday on. Here are the crumbs:


Calgary is Devour - headed for Verizon

Flan on Droid

Opus One specs and video

Backflip sports AT&T logo

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