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It's been an eventful week for Android, if only you look at the leaks that I've posted below. It's also been a busy week for DroidDog, as our team of contributors continues to grow. It's been a huge year for Android as well, though I think the next will be more significant in the eyes of mainstream America. Here's to the end of a rough but exciting year, and to smoother and more exciting 2010!


Nexus One is just around the corner and the decent leaks are finally crawling out of the woodwork. We've seen some high quality images and a 3G benchmark, a video of those interactive animated backgrounds, and another review that makes previous leaks look pretty scrawny.

While not everyone is happy about the expected pricing of the device - $530 outright and $180 subsidized - I think there's more to the story than we've heard so far. And while people are buzzing about what else HTC may have in store in the coming days, everybody is looking to CES for some big Motorola news.

Also in the works are an LG Android for Sprint and 2.x OTA updates for G1 owners!


We've seen some cool hacks since Christmas, including an Espresso ROM running on Hero, the coming of a Hero 1.5 ROM for Cliq, and the rooting of the not-yet-released Nexus One.

Carlos posted a video review of the Darkstar theme, and a tutorial on getting an extra 10MB of RAM on hacked G1s.

Lastly, check out what this guy did to his Inspiron Mini.

Year End

In the spirint of year-end review type stuff, check out Softpedia's top five Androids of 2009, Droid's dominance of the Market on Christmas, and Dustin Earley's look at a year of Android advertizing.


Take care, everyone. Be safe.

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