Lotus Elite spotted in a billboard

| January 5, 2010

I was a fan of the original LG Lotus. (How could I not be? I’m a girl, and the thing’s shaped like a little makeup compact, fer cryin’ out loud!)

A cute form factor plus an awesome qwerty keyboard? That’s a winner in my book and, no doubt, in Sprint and LG’s as well, since it looks like they’re releasing an updated version of the tiny messaging phone.

There have been rumblings that a new Lotus (presumably the LX610 Lotus Elite) was coming, but this latest item seems to cement them pretty well: Engadget posted a big billboard mounted on the side of a Las Vegas hotel that promotes the Chocolate Touch, the eXpo, and — you guessed it — the Lotus Elite. Well, actually, there’s no official name listed there, but all rumors point to it being dubbed the Elite.

No updates on specs or prices yet, but stay tuned.

Via: Engadget

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