Design the logo for, win $250!

| January 11, 2010


Some of you asked for an extension on the deadline in the comments or via email, so we've reassessed things and managed to squeeze out a little more time for you design hopefuls. So instead of the original January 14 deadline date, we've pushed the deadline to January 16! Hopefully, the extra time will allow more breathing room for maximum creativity!


So the new deadline is:

JANUARY 16th at 8:00 PM (EST)

For further instructions, including design direction, please see below. Thanks!




If you missed out on the past DroidDog or BBerryDog logo contests, we feel you. (We really do.) So here’s another chance to show off those design muscles. The winner gets his or her work shown on the new website and the top prize of $250!

You’ve already helped us pick out a name for our new iPhone network site. Soon after, was born. Then we asked for contributors, and content creators from our community have come out in droves. Now, we’re tapping the PhoneDog talent bank one more time!

So here we go again…

The TodaysiPhone Logo Contest

We’ve learned a lot from our previous logo contests, so here are some rules designed to keep things orderly and fair.

1. The logo should include the words “Today’s iPhone” or “” It’s also fine to play with the acronym “TiP” (capital “T,” little “i,” capital “P”), but the title or URL should also be included. 
2. From the submitted entries, we’ll choose the 10 logos that best capture the spirit of Today’s iPhone.
3. We'll post the top 10 logos on PhoneDog, so the community can vote for their favorites.
4. The three logos with the most votes move to the last round — editors’ critique and final selection.**
5. Finally, the editorial team will choose the winning logo, and the designer will receive $250 via Paypal.

**Similar logos from the same designer that have minor changes in color or font will not be considered separate entries. If, however, we’re interested in a particular design, we may request these types of changes to the final submission.

Here are the few minor restrictions that we have in regards to the logo itself:

  • We reserve the right to modify the color scheme or font of the logo after the contest has been completed
  • We'll narrow down the entries to 10, which will be posted on the website for community voting 
  • The image should look good in a 200 x 110 pixel space and be white around the edges. We'll also need to be able to blow it up for marketing purposes, so it needs to look equally great at higher resolutions.  Vector, high-resolution .jpg, .tif, or something else — it's up to you.
  • Send as many as you want of your own original designs.***

***Multiple entries from a single contestant — as long as they are separate distinct designs — are permissible, which means one individual could have multiple entries in the voting poll. But the community votes on the logos, not the designer.

Email only. If you link to images in the comments section, but don’t email to this address, your submission will NOT be considered. (If you’re looking for group feedback, however, feel free to post below and ask for other readers’ opinions.)
•Include your email address, name, and PhoneDog username (if applicable).

Questions? Those are definitely welcome in the comments section below. This way, responses will benefit everyone in the PD community.

The contest ends on January 16th, 2010 at 8:00 PM EST.

Thank you, and good luck! We can't wait to see your submissions!



Here’s a helpful hint.

Good designers know they can’t create good work in a vacuum, so here is some direction and background info on Today’s iPhone. Interpret this into your custom design:

Thanks to Apple’s enormous popularity, iPhone and iPod Touch owners aren’t easy to classify. They’re not lumped in as tech fans or phone nerds; they come in lots of different flavors — the hot rock singer who uses music apps, your kid brother with a knack for jailbreaking, and the neighbor who organizes her whole family with the productivity apps. They are moms, musicians, photographers, business people, students and everyone in between.

They are — you know, everyday people. (And they are legion.)

So after multiple requests (and lots of brainstorming in PD’s virtual boiler room), a new idea took root: An all-new iPhone site — with news, views, apps, accessories, giveaways — everything about Apple’s flagship handset, delivered with a fun, savvy lifestyle-oriented bent. This will be an iPhone site created by users for users, both experienced and newbie.

As you conceive your logo, keep in mind that our target readers either have an eye for design or chose the iPhone for its simplicity and clean UI.  (Think “creative,” but not “fussy.”) These are the people you’re trying to appeal to.

That means everything about — from the content to the site layout and logo — should appeal to the average consumer, both male and female. There are a wide range of styles that could work: cute vector art, artistic or abstract imagery, edgy design, or a clean, sophisticated look — it’s all fair game. In terms of colors, warmer tones (like reds, oranges or mustards) will work nicely, either in an overall theme or with some judicious pops of color for impact. Your choice. Just be creative. And most of all, have fun with this.

Good luck!

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