BlackBerry Tour2 9650 shows up at Verizon and Sprint

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| January 12, 2010

Verizon internal screenshot

Quite a bit of information has surfaced about the BlackBerry Tour2 (Essex) 9650 as of late.

Known as the successor to the BlackBerry Tour 9630, the Tour2 offers improvements by way of an optical trackpad and Wi-Fi.  Thanks to the Verizon screenshot (shown above) and the Sprint system screenshot (below), it's all but confirmed that both CDMA wireless carriers will pick up the device.

Sure, the idea of the Tour's successor coming to market is a nice one, but has the replacement shoved current Tour users under the rug?  The idea has been debated over at BBerryDog, and I would have to agree to an extent.  Much like the Storm/Storm2 snafu, it seems like RIM's focused more on fixing the issues than they are taking care of existing customers.

What say you?  Smart business move, given the move to the trackpad, or frustrating for old Tour users?

Via PhoneArena, IntoMobile

Sprint internal screenshot

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