CES Stories: WebOS hits Verizon

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| January 12, 2010


CES 2010 Wrap-Up: Noah's Top 5 Mobile Stories

3. WebOS hits Verizon

Palm Pre Plus - Hands-On @ CES

WebOS is my favorite mobile OS right now, even if it's not quite as "expandable" as Android or iPhone OS when it comes to apps and accessories. That should change in the coming months thanks to Palm's developer-friendly CES announcements and the launch of Verizon's first two WebOS devices: Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.

Palm Pixi Plus - Hands-On @ CES

Pre and Pixi rock on Sprint, but the addition of Big Red more than doubles WebOS' available install base. Now if only Ralph de la Vega would get his business in order so we could get some GSM WebOS devices happening, as well.

Palm Pre / Pre Plus 3D Gaming Demo @ CES 2010


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