CES Devices: Palm Pre Plus on Verizon

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| January 13, 2010


CES 2010 Wrap-Up: Noah's Top 5 Devices

3. Palm Pre Plus (Verizon)

Palm may not have made the huge splash this year that they did when they shocked the world with WebOS and the original Pre at last year's show, but this year's Palm CES announcements were still noteworthy. In addition to 3D gaming support and the soon to be released WebOS 1.4 with camcorder functionality amongst its free upgrades, Palm unleashed two WebOS devices as exclusives to the US' largest carrier, Verizon Wireless.

The Pre Plus will be Palm's flagship WebOS device when it hits Big Red later this month. With twice the internal storage of the original Pre, more RAM and unconfirmed reports of a faster processor, the new Pre should prove zippier when it comes to handling those new games and video capture tasks. Perhaps more importantly, though, Pre Plus sports a revamped keyboard that's much more like the Pixi's QWERTY than that of Pre. That's a good thing - I found the new keyboard to be much easier and more accurate to type on than the original's during my hands-on with the phone in Vegas. Pre Plus also comes standard with a Touchstone-compatible induction back cover and will support the new Verizon-only mobile hotspot app that's also coming to Pixi Plus.

Refined hardware with double the memory? Check. Better QWERTY board? Check. Touchstone-ready back cover? Check. Support for 3D graphics backed by a new SDK for developers? Check. WebOS hitting the US' largest carrier? Check. WebOS primed for big things in 2010? We'll see .. 

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