Sprint lowers price of mobile WiMAX to $59.99

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| January 14, 2010

Sprint Overdrive

In an aggressive approach to promote mobile WiMAX, Sprint lowered the price of its 3G/4G mobile broadband service to $59.99 monthly.  The price cut was intended to "make it a no brainer for our customers to choose 4G," spokeswoman Stephanie Vinge told FierceWireless.  She went on to say that the price cut reflects increasing economies of scale as Clearwire launches additional markets across the United States.

With Sprint's 3G/4G service lowered to $59.99 (thus matching everyone else's standard 3G mobile broadband plan), it makes sense to consider them for mobile broadband needs.  Sounds like I'll consider switching my 3G-only Verizon Wireless mobile broadband plan over to Sprint.  With a solid 3G footprint and 4G as an added benefit, it's quite the deal.  What about you - worth switching, or are you going to wait for the others to roll out LTE?

Via FierceWireless