What up, Droid? 01/14/10

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| January 14, 2010

I was at CES on Thursday, the 7th, and missed an installment of What Up, Droid? Still, the point of these usually-weekly posts is to deliver a 7-day summary of Droid news real short and sweet like, so I'm just going to pick back up with the news starting on the 8th and carry on as usual. But speaking of CES, check out the PD videos of LG's GW620 and GT540. I also got some hands-on time with Sony Ericsson's X10, and caught a demo of the Nexus One speech-to-text feature.

Nexus One

Of course there was a lot of Nexus-related news this week. And I went ahead and grabbed one of those bad boys for myself... for the purpose of reviewing. I didn't get a loaner and wasn't eligible for subsidy so I had to go all out retail. Good thing T-Mobile finally decided to offer insurance for the Nexus One at $4.79 a month. It's not the kind of phone you want to be risky with. Not when you purchase it at full price, anyway.

Hackers are already working the phone, offering up tutorials on rooting/unlocking and fixes for known problems. Sales have started off slow, but I think we're going to see a huge bump within the next few months when the Nexus hits some other carriers. Be sure to check out Andrew's comparison between the MT3G and N1.


There was quite a bit of news about Android updates as of late, starting with the CES announcement that Backflip and Cliq would both be catching 2.1, with a possible 2.0.1 bump during the wait. Eris is looking at another exclusive update and 2.1 is headed for the Milestone. European Heroes and American MT3Gs can expect the update as well.

New Phones

Speaking of the myTouch 3G, that limited edition Fender phone is finally on deck. Looks like we'll be seeing it on January 20th. I'm most looking forward to the HTC Bravo, which shares a good deal of Nexus One specs but carries the OEM's custom version of Android + UI, Sense. That one might be turning up in March. Also on the horizon are the Canadian Milestone and probably further out, the Inbrics M1. (I just wanted to link to that cool video of the M1.)

E-readers and tablets

Before I get too far removed from CES, I should point out that e-readers and tablets are all the Android rage right now. The Entourage Edge and Spring Design Alex and the Adam e-ink reader are probably the most significant announcements of the former, while the ICD Ultra and Compal Tegra are fine examples of the latter.

Those are most of the bigger stories from the last week, folks. As always, check out DroidDog.com for all kinds of news on Android apps, phones, hacks, and more.