AT&T preparing network for "unannounced" devices?

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| January 20, 2010

AT&T Logo

If the numerous complaints regarding AT&T's network over the years (particularly when the iPhone is in question) is any consolation of the network's status, it could use a revamp in certain markets.

According to a rumor intercepted by the gang at BGR, AT&T leaders have been meeting with regional executives to explain changes in the network.  For starters, the focus appears to be on getting the network ready for "unannounced devices" that will use "heavy data."  Tethering was said to be addressed as well, with the current tethering policies set to change once the network is able to "sufficiently handle the load."

I'm not a psychic by any means, but I'd venture to guess that the combination of Android and webOS devices slated to land on the carrier in 2010 are the "heavy data" devices that they're referring to. take a complete stab in the dark...could it be Apple's iTabletSlatePadComputerWhatever?  Sure, thinks it's coming to Verizon, but AT&T is a possibility. 

Let the speculation begin!  What do you think?