Treo Pro yanked from Palm's website

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| January 22, 2010

Not that it surprises me, particularly given webOS' imminent launch on the nation's largest wireless carrier (and the sales potential that comes with a customer base of 90 million), but Palm has officially dropped the Treo Pro off of the website.  Sure, webOS is Palm's new frontier, but until recently, the company was still toting its lone Windows Mobile device.  Launched in August of 2008, the Treo Pro replaced the Treo 800w.

Despite it not being listed on Palm's site, the device is still "available" at Alltel and Sprint, and an unlocked GSM version can be had for $179.99 from Dell direct.  Bye bye, Windows devices on Palm.  Can't say that I'll miss ya.

Via Engadget Mobile