What Up, Droid? 01/28/10

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| January 28, 2010


I've been leaning more towards app-related news lately and since I have a Nexus One on hand and people are asking about compatibility, I decided to put together a post on my favorite apps for use with the N1. It's 8 pages of images, text and video. Check it out! An app that I've been waiting a long time for just might be popping up for public Android use in February. It's called Fennec, and it's the mobile version of Firefox. A service that I'm a long and loyal fan of - the go-to to-do, Remember the Milk - is great on Android, but requires a $25 per year membership. If you like free stuff, check out my post on getting the same functionality without the dough.

Yes, More Nexus:

Speaking of my Nexus One, I couldn't help but order the new dock available from Google. It was $45 plus $10 for overnight FedEx. Too bad they aren't covering shipping like they did with the phone. Stay tuned to DroidDog for more on the cradle. While also tempting, the custom N1 paint jobs being offered by Colorware are off limits for me. But man, do I love what they're selling. I call mine, "The Arizona."


For those of you who dig the juicy leaks, check out the Motorola Zeppelin, which, in my opinion, looks kinda cool. That snap has been almost universally despised. I don't know if that says more about my taste or yours. Probably neither. A phone that most seem to agree is pretty handsome is HTC's Bravo. It looks like it's lost those five crazy Knight Rider LEDs, but it's still hot in my book. I think the next phone to follow for the super big buzz is the Supersonic.

Hacks and Mods:

I don't like to end these weekly summaries without a couple of solid hack/mod links, so be sure to check out a *thorough* guide to hacking your G1 by Neil Lund and friends, and Andrew Steffy's video on Cyanogen 5.0 for the N1!

Take Care:

I'll leave you with an AndroidHD video demonstrating 50 different games on the Droid. I'm working on my own gaming video (mostly console emulators) for my Nexus One Questions and Requests post. Video number 4 will be up very soon.