This Week in DroidDog: 02/04/10

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| Published: February 4, 2010

As you probably know, PhoneDog is pretty crazy about giveaways. The main site just sent out it's 67th prize from the One Paw Bandit, and they haven't been pencil erasers, either. DroidDog is getting in on the action and just gave away a rooted G1 as a reward to a reader for shooting off a quick tweet. Not only does the PhoneDog crew love giving out free stuff, we like to make it easy.

Congratulations to Leslie W. from Cerritos, Ca, who won the contest!



DroidDog is currently undergoing some changes, and while I'm not ready to announce them all just yet, stay tuned. I think it's going to be an interesting Spring. Aside site design and features, the DroidDog team is growing pretty quickly and the variety of content posted each day has grown as a result.

Neil Lund is the most recent addition to DroidDog, and as he showed us with his G1 hacking guide, Neil likes to bring people together for group projects. Check out the review he, Garrett Furr, and John Michael Guerra have done of Swype (see this link for Neil's thoughts):

As usual, Dustin Earley has his ear to the ground, looking out for all things Android. He wrote posts this week on topics as varied as Android figurines, a QR code on The Weather Channel, and the release of the HTC Eris' source code.

Carlos Graves regularly reviews, on video, cooked ROMs and applications, and this Twicca review is a good example of his work:

Those are some of the items that stood out to me at DroidDog over the past week, but there's plenty more material available. If you're curious about upcoming phones, check out Motorola's Android plans for the year, Nexus One's coming destination, the myTouch Slide, details of Devour, and another Sammy.

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Take care, folks.