Devour Me: Megan Fox plus Masturbation equals Motorola Super Bowl Ad

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| February 7, 2010

Is it me or have this year's Super Bowl ads been pretty underwhelming thus far? There's about five and a half minutes to go in the game as I write this, so there's still time for a miracle, but so far? Eh. That much-hyped Google ad? Vaguely clever yet supremely boring (seriously, who wants to read an entire TV ad?). I kind of liked the VW ad, mainly because the Stevie Wonder/Tracy Morgan bit was unexpected and hilarious. Otherwise? A lot of Bud and Bud Light ads that all kind of blended together in my memory. And that's about it so far.

Oh yeah, except for that spot with Megan Fox handling a Motorola Devour. Naked. In a bathtub.

Two things about that ad. First, only a super phone geek would know it was a Moto Devour (the Verizon logo was barely visible) - the ad was for Motorola and MotoBlur, not for a specific phone or carrier.

Second, what about the part where a kid locks himself in his bedroom to, um, spend some time with the bathtub photo of herself that Megan just posted to her social networks via the magic of MotoBlur? HELLOMOTO!

Comin' on strong with the power of social networking in 2010, are we Motorola? Interesting tactics.

Ha ha, the Audi "Green Police" ad that just ran was kinda funny. Any Cheap Trick fans in the house, or are you all busy watching the Moto ad clip below? 

What say you? Moto's ads? Super Bowl ads in general? Yay or Nay?

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