Buzz Buzz: Google launches Buzz for real-time mobile and desktop sharing

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| February 9, 2010

Google held a press event this morning to launch Google Buzz, their new system for real-time sharing of everything from Twitter-style conversations to photos and other media. Buzz will exist inside of Google's GMail interface, but the company also introduced three new location-aware mobile products:

- Google Buzz via homepage for Android and iPhone

- Mobile App:

- Buzz-enabled Google Maps for Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android

I'm hard-pressed just yet to figure out exactly what Buzz is, wants to, or will be, but it also seems to be Google's attempt to destroy twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp! and Flickr/Photobucket all at the same time. There's twitter-like public sharing and closed-group private sharing of test, photos, links, and other media. There's location-aware maps and social networking on the go via the mobile versions of buzz. There's some kind of "get the buzz on what's around you" that seems like it might be a mashup of Foursquare's "checking in" and Yelp!s user reviews.

And there's some kind of Enterprise product, as well.

More as we, uh, figure out what's going on here.

Any of you who've been following the Buzz (sorry, had to make the pun), what's your take? Is Google Buzz buzzworthy?