7 days of DroidDog: 02/11/10

John Walton
Cell Phone Editor
| February 11, 2010

Yes, my weekly post on the weekly happenings at DroidDog has a new title, as the last one was just a bit too similar for comfort to another weekly web installment at a tech blog. So, I give you 7 days of DroidDog!

It was quite a week for Android news. So much so that Dustin decided to start up DroidDog Daily - a post for those times when rumors, launches, and leaks seem to be falling from the sky. We'll still be grabbing all the stories we can, but there are almost always a few little leftovers. Count on Dustin to make sure we don't let too many slip away.

Carlos has been turning out more of his always interesting ROM reviews, and this week saw him posting videos on Open Eclair and the FastTest ROM by HTCClay:


Alberto Vildosola wrote a thought-provoking piece on what the recent Nexus One update means for the future of Android. He also covered Dalvik Turbo, which should be of huge interest the the hackers and performance freaks out there. But before we get too far away from the Nexus update, I think I need to address the Motorola Droid owners in the audience.

Moto's balking on the announcement of a 2.1 update for Droid has been a topic of frustration for many this week. Whether angry that Droid may not get the new app drawer or animated wallpaper, or confused about the timing of the release, Droid owners haven't exactly been showering comment threads around the web with love. Can't say I blame them, really. But it seems like the heart of the issue is whether or not Google's phones will see favor over the others when it comes to updates, Android features, and support. Only time will tell. For now, Droidies will just have to settle for multi-touch and Buzz in Maps.

Launches, leaks, etc.

T-Mobile launched the next version of myTouch 3G, complete with the Swype keyboard, and Dell's Mini 5 turned up at the FCC and in photos. HTC spilled the beans once again, giving us a look at/idea of the Incredible, Scorpion, and Legend.

That was just a handful of the posts we saw this week over at the newly redesigned (!) DroidDog, folks. If you want to stay up-to-date on Android news everyday, subscribe to the primary DroidDog RSS feed or a weekly summary. You also might want to take a peek at the new DroidDog forums.

Take care.