Happy Valentine's Day, from Sweethearts candies

| Published: February 14, 2010

There are tons of apps out there to help users create a memorable Valentine's Day. In fact, I'll bet Open Table (for dinner reservations), as well as digital greeting card apps are getting lots of mileage today. For an adorable spin on traditional e-greetings, check out the Sweethearts candies web/iPhone app. You can send a digital version of those heart-shaped, multi-colored candies via email or Twitter, with customizable messages. (That is, if you don't mind telling all your followers that your girlfriend's nickname is "Shmoopy" or that you {heart} her.) If you're a sucker for romance, hit up MySweethearts.com or get the free iPhone app here.

I actually wrote up a short list of ideas on how an iPhone can be used to create even more romance today (including one example in which a friend of mine — true story! — put his girlfriend's SIM card from her old phone into a new one, rewrapped it and then called it. And that's how she discovered her new device!). Although I wrote the piece for Today's iPhone, many of the ideas apply universally, so if you're curious or need some inspiration, check them out here. Oh, and if you have your own stories — romantic, funny or hysterically awful — feel free to share them.

Happy V-Day, everybody!