Mobile World Congress: Ewan MacLeod, aka The EuroDog

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| February 14, 2010

I wasn't able to make it to Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, which is too bad because covering the show last February was an amazing experience for me. Luckily we've got a friend in Europe who stepped up to be our Man on the Scene for the week. Meet Ewan MacLeod, EuroDog (for the week, anyway).

Ewan is the longtime publisher of Mobile Industry Review, a terrific blog that covers the world of wireless from a European perspective. Which makes sense seeing as Ewan lives in London. MIR is always a great read, as Ewan and his staff know their stuff and pull no punches when it comes to delivering facts and informed opinions on the European mobile industry scene. 

But for as "annoyingly perceptive" as he is when it comes to The Biz, Ewan's a terrific chap to hang out with. I was lucky enough to be introduced to him last year when he was staying in San Francisco for a spell and we've been mates ever since. He even puts up with my lame attempts to toss around British slang in conversation (You caught those, right? No? Go back and re-read this paragraph. Brilliant!)

So stay tuned for Ewan's hands-on videos with the new devices coming out of Barcelona. And do yourself a favor and check out his work over on Mobile Industry Review in the meantime.