Sprint's initial WiMAX phone coming in first half of 2010

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| February 19, 2010

In existence since 2008, Sprint's 4G WiMAX footprint has been slowly expanding.  Fast forward to 2010, and we have an Overdrive Mobile Hotspot and a few aircards to take advantage of the new technology.  But what about people who want to use the 4G capabilities on their mobile devices?  Dan Hesse is on record stating that the company plans to release "dozens of devices" with WiMAX capabilities this year, but subscribers want to know: when will they hit retail stores?

In an interview with Forbes, Sprint announced that their first WiMAX-enabled mobile device would launch in the first half of this year, several months earlier than expexted.  Remember the A9292 handset spotted (the HTC Supersonic)?  Rumor has it that it is the device in question, with Forbes going on to say that the unit launched in the coming months will most likely be an HTC-built Android phone. 

As a recap, the HTC Supersonic is rumored to offer a 4.3-inch touchscreen (think HD2 here), Android 2.1, and HTC's Sense UI.

Via Engadget, Forbes