A Legend in the making: A look at the unibody shell

| February 22, 2010

What is it with chins? You either love them on phones or hate ‘em. Either way, if you have your eyes fixed on the future with the Hero 2 — ahem! — I mean, the HTC Legend, then you’ll still be getting this mouth-wrapping form factor detail. What you’ll also be getting is one sleek, sexy hunk of heavy metal. 

Okay, correction: Maybe it’s really not all that heavy. In fact, given its aluminum fabrication, the bones on the Legend should pretty light, yet ridiculously strong. And did I say sexy? Indeed, it is: The unibody design is forged from a single chunk of metal and fashioned into a similar shape as the familiar chin-toting design that made the GSM Hero so distinctive. 

Thank Mobile Burn for the eye candy here, which features a display spotlighting examples of the aluminum shell at its different stages of manufacturing. (For more, hit up the site’s photo gallery of images.) 

Distinctive chin. Ridiculous strength. Hunk. Hero. These words make me think of an action star. Can’t wait to see if the phone lives up to it.

Via: Mobile Burn