Desire for AT&T, Legend (Hero2) to Sprint?

Published: February 23, 2010

If you’re one of the industry watchers salivating over the HTC Desire and HTC Legend, it seems Boy Genius has some goods for you: According to a tipster — which the site says is a source “close to HTC” — these two awesome specimens of Androidness are heading to the States, and the story offers some news on which U.S. wireless providers might be claiming them. 

Desire AT&T? Whether you do or don’t, you might learn to, as BGR believes the handset is headed to Big Blue early this summer. For a carrier that was the last to arrive at the Android party, it looks like it’s starting to show some knack for picking up newsworthy devices. (Yeah, even the upcoming Backflip is newsworthy, whether you’re into the back-bending design or not.)

The Desire is rumored to come with the Sense user interface, which would make it the first and only device so far to offer the UI to the AT&T masses. If Boy Genius is correct, then look for the handset to drop in May or June. 

As for the Legend, the site pegs Sprint as the carrier. The company — which already offers the Hero (I) and Moment — is no stranger to Android. But just like the GSM (European) version of the Hero differs from Sprint’s version, I wonder if the Legend, aka Hero 2, will undergo a similar make-over (or make-”under,” depending on your taste. I actually didn’t dig the design of the American version of the Hero I). Apparently, there may be some changes in store for the device once it reaches our shores, though it’s not clear yet what those might be. There’s also no word on when the Legend will launch, but stay tuned. We’ll cover it as soon as we know. 

As a side note: It’s no secret, but I’m actually an iPhone user on AT&T. (Well, of course — It’s right there in my byline.) As such, I wonder about what will happen to this network, which had struggled under the weight of users like myself, once the Backflip, Apple iPad and Desire all launch. Although the company has been working hard to upgrade its network capabilities (with success), could these additions make it buckle once again?

Don’t get me wrong — I’m glad that my fellow subscribers will finally have some choices, especially for the long-awaited Android platform being on the carrier. But I find that I’m also kind of bracing myself for an uptick of dropped calls and data sludge, as more users string out the network. So I’m curious: Is anyone else kind of nervous about this infrastructure being able to take on a surge of demand? 


Via: Mobile Crunch, BGR


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