Palm Ad: A sexy, new look at WebOS

| Published: March 15, 2010

Looks like Palm has a brand new bag with its most recent commercial. And it looks like a trendy little piece of “bidness” that brings a much-needed cool factor to WebOS’ image marketing. 

How hip is it? Very. Hip lady, swinging her hips down the street to a hip number in the background. All the while, she’s rocking a future-forward, Minority Report–like inviso display in front of her. Almost like a choreographed routine, all that swiping, multitasking and map plotting has never looked so cool and so fun. The spot is punctuated by a short, catchy tagline too: "Life moves fast. Don't miss a thing." 



Love this ad. But is it enough to help the struggling company gain more mindshare? I really hope so. WebOS is one of my favorite operating systems, and it was high time the platform got an image makeover to really show it off. 

No matter what, though, anything would’ve been better than the old campaign. 

Remember this? (Don’t click to play until the children have left the room, lest they be beset with nightmares of the spooky lady tonight.) 



Via: PreCentral