Pics: Samsung's Galaxy S

| Published: March 23, 2010

What’s S Life? That’s the question Samsung posed, and in its media event this morning, the company answered: It’s the Smart life, silly. That is, they say, if you’re smart enough to get the Galaxy S, which is launching globally (including in the U.S.). 

It features stuff like Daily Brief (which puts several live updating widgets on one page, for a smart view — see? There’s that word again!), fast text input with Swype and, thanks to Android 2.1, Google Maps Navigation. 

Noah’s got the goods with a hands-on demo (so catch it here), but for those who like their cell phone pr0n via still images, here are a few shots of the 1GHz-packing, 16 GB–storing, 4” Super AMOLED–displaying, wafer-thin phone. 





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