Google's Schmidt talks tablet at LA party

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| Published: April 13, 2010

Google Tablet

There's been rumor of a Google branded tablet for some time now.  In fact, I believe the expected time frame for said device was purportedly the end of this year.  But with Apple's huge success in making the tablet market a reality, it's beginning to look like Google wants to turn up the heat, in the appropriate e-war fashion.  The original Google tablet concept came from the chromium project, so logically we assumed it would be sporting the highly anticipated Chrome OS.  Perhaps we thought wrong?

According to The New York Times, Google CEO Eric Schmidt told friends recently about a new tablet device that would be running Android OS.  NYT tipsters also said that "the company had been experimenting in "stealth mode" with a few publishers to explore delivery of books, magazines and other content on a tablet."  So, it appears that the first Google tablet will be running Android, not Chrome OS - which in all reality makes sense considering the amount of apps already in place.

There's no specs, release date, or pricing available as of yet.  Basically we're just going on good 'ole Schmidty's word and the reliability of the NYT.  Whether it's running Android or Chrome doesn't make too much a difference to me either, I just hope it looks like this.  And don't forget, with the vast improvements recently made to Google Docs, a Google tablet supported by the cloud looks mighty enticing.

Anyone saving up for a gPad?  Leave your comments below!

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