Android 2.1 coming to UK Hero devices in June

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| April 21, 2010


The good news?  Google this morning announced the availability of Google Maps Navigation in the UK.  The bad news?  The update requires Android 1.6 or higher, meaning that Hero users in the country are unable to take advantage of the service.  In light of the news, one would think that the Android 2.1 update would come sooner rather than later (especially with it rumored to hit Taiwan on April 26th) - unfortunately, the opposite appears to be the case.  The folks at Tech Radar are reporting that a conversation they had with a Google rep (which was followed with a similar conversation with HTC) points to a 2.1 update "starting in June."

To the European Hero users, I hope you see an update soon, because Google Maps Navigation is quite the nifty tool.  Noah and I used it while traveling through parts of Marin County, California (part of a Dogfight, if you recall), and it was incredibly useful.  Let's hear from the EuroDogs that work with Hero devices - eager to see the update, or A-OK without it?  Discuss!

Via Engadget

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