Mystery HTC slider passes through FCC with AT&T 3G bands and Android buttons

Taylor Martin
 from  Concord, NC
| April 27, 2010

What have we here? It seems as if HTC has just filed a new phone with FCC for testing. The test setup photos from A Test Lab Techno Corp. (ATL) show that HTC is in fact working on another horizontal slider style device, and from the looks of the hardware, the device will run Android (it sports a home key rather than the generic Windows home key).

The device, model number PC70110, looks to have an optical trackpad similar to that on the upcoming Desire but more oval than circular.  Tests indicate that this device will support 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and it appears to be heading to AT&T and possibly some Canadian carriers based on its support for 3G bands II and V.  A letter from HTC to FCC included in the filing states that the device will not support VoIP and that the it has not been rated for hearing aid compatibility with respect to the Wi-Fi capability.

I have to say, the device is looking pretty good despite the color scheme. I’ve never been a big fan of bright colors on my phone, but throw some different colors on this device, make alternate designs for different demographics, and this device could spell success.  With a lot of HTC fans are soon looking to replace their G1, this very well may be the full QWERTY horizontal slider they’ve all been waiting for.

No word could be found on whether the device has been passed just yet or not, but we will keep you posted as we get more information on it.

A special thanks goes out to our very own Ari Robbins for uncovering this little gold mine!

HTC slider

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