WWDC kicks off June 7, new iPhone expected to unveil

| April 29, 2010

There has been a ton of Apple news lately. Open letters, reactions to open letters, cop dramas, and even Jon Stewart’s getting in on the act. So for the Apple haters out there, I’m sorry. It must be tough seeing something that irks you receive a lot of press. But we’d hardly be doing our jobs if we didn’t cover the good, bad and ugly in this mobile tech scene.

But if you’re not a hater, in fact if you’re looking forward to seeing what Apple has up its sleeve this summer, circle this date on your calendar: June 7, 2010.

Official word is here this is the opening date for the Worldwide Developer’s Conference (June 7 – 11), and historically, Apple has unveiled the new iPhone at the keynote for this event every year. So keep your eyes locked on that date.

Fan or no, what do you think’s going to happen, given the major leak that unfolded last week? That’s no simple question. In fact, it actually inspires more questions than answers.

Will the next-gen iPhone unveil as the same handset that’s been circulating all over the internet already? (The one that had Apple sic the police on Gizmodo?) Or will it look different than that flat-backed, double-camera’ed form factor we’ve all grown familiar with? Would Apple even have time to change anything since that hit the webs? Or do you think the prototype wasn’t really that close to production anyway? Could it even finally support Adobe Flash? (Sorry for the cruel joke. Wanted to make sure you were paying attention.)

If you’re going to lay any bets, you have a little over a month. Clock starts now.

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