After delays, Sprint Hero to get Android 2.1 on May 7?

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| May 5, 2010

Sure, it's been delayed a few times, but should Android 2.1 come to Sprint Hero owners at the end of the week, it should please a number of people.  According to a memo distributed to Best Buy stores, the original "deployment was delayed until this week," and the update will be "in all stores by this Friday, May 7th."  I'm not quite sure what "in all stores" means - it could be that Heros sold after the date will sport Android 2.1, or it could mean that stores are authorized to install it.

Unfortunately, there's no over-the-air action to be had here, so you'll have to download from your computer.  Despite that, I'm hoping that Android 2.1 (along with the new Sense build that likely comes with it) will improve some of the lag issues on the device.  Regardless, 2.1 of any flavor sounds pretty good to me.  Planning to download when Friday rolls around?

Via Engadget

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