Sprint Moment and Hero Android 2.1 update pushed back to Q2

Aaron Baker
member from Dallas, TX
Published: May 7, 2010

Sprint Moment Hero and Android 2.1 update

Well, that's disappointing.  Unfortunately, it looks like the rumored May 7th release date for Android 2.1 won't be coming to fruition, as a Sprint community posting appeared to cast doubt all across the board:

"We wanted to let you know that Sprint continues to work closely with Samsung and HTC to deliver the highly anticipated Android 2.1 upgrade for Samsung Moment and HTC Hero.  We are on track for the upgrade to be available in Q2.  Sprint had hoped to have this resolved by now - we thank our customers for their patience as we work to bring them a positive experience with this upgrade."

Sure, Sprint thanked their customers for their patience, but I'm not so sure that it will be enough.  Fact of the matter is the 1.X versions of Android are getting very long in the tooth.  It's time for an update, and at this point, delays of any kind are rather unacceptable.  Then again, we're in Q2 now (April-June), so it can't be too far away.

For those that own a Samsung Moment and HTC Hero, how do you feel about this?  A-OK with an older build of Android, or longing for some Eclair action?  Discuss!


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