Froyo: "Coming soon" to a Nexus One near you

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| Published: May 21, 2010

Though many have said the Nexus One as a whole was a failure, those that purchased the device might tell you otherwise.  The advantages to having purchased an Android device with a carrier-subsidy are rather obvious, but there's one thing Nexus One owners will always seem to have over their peers - they're always the first to get updated to the newest iteration of Android OS.  Why?  Because once the update is ready, Google can send it directly to the N1 without any issues, while in every other case there are middlemen such as carriers and custom UIs to deal with.

Yesterday Google officially announced Android 2.2 at the Google I/O developers conference, which we have known for some time now as Froyo.  Not long after the announcement was made, the Google I/O Twitter account updated their status to say: "Froyo on Nexus One soon! (next few weeks)."  So, while there are those who will continue to scoff at Google's attempt to change the way business was done in the  wireless telecom industry, Nexus One owners will continuously be laughing themselves all the way to faster updates, more features, and greater efficiency.

If you own a Nexus One, do you feel you can safely say "Who's laughing now?"  Sound off below!

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