Microsoft KIN One (Verizon): Noah's Quick Take

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| May 25, 2010

In case you don't have the time or desire to read or watch full-length reviews, I've summarized my take on the recent wave of smartphones for you. 


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Microsoft KIN One (Verizon) - $49, Available Now

KIN's brand-new operating system and UI are eye-catching, but working with KIN One ultimately left me wanting for all that it can't do more than appreciating what it does do. KIN Studio and Zune Pass functionality are great, and K1's hard QWERTY board is quite good for such a small device, but there's no app store or calendar, sync options are limited, and Verizon will charge you a full-on $30/month for smartphone data. Unless you're truly in love with KIN's look and feel, you're better off getting a Pre Plus or Android device.


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