T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide: Noah's Quick Take

Noah Kravitz
 from  Oakland, CA
| Published: May 25, 2010

In case you don't have the time or desire to read or watch full-length reviews, I've summarized my take on the recent wave of smartphones for you. 


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HTC myTouch 3G Slide (T-Mobile) - $179, June 2

Don't let the lack of a Snapdragon processor fool you - myTouch Slide is still plenty quick for most people's daily use, and the 3.4" HVGA display is crisp and responsive. mT3G Slide actually packs more features than just about any other Android device on the market, thanks to T-Mobile's extra-customized version of the HTC Sense UI and a "Genius Button" featuring enhanced voice control and speech-to-text functionality. Add to that an excellent hard QWERTY board and you've got a Sidekick for the Android generation.



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