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Angry Birds is a physics-based puzzle game available for $.99 in the iPhone App store. The iPad version, Angry Birds HD, is $4.99. Developed by Rovio and distributed by Clickgamer, the game boasts 135 brain-teasing levels that require skill, logic and a bit of patience. The green pigs have stolen the birds' eggs and the birds are clearly not happy about it. They line up behind a slingshot, ready for you to fling them at the pigs' houses, breaking through wood, ice and sometimes concrete to retrieve their precious eggs. Each bird has special powers and you must use them in the order in which they are lined up. How to use the birds in the order they are placed is quite a challenge and you must figure out the exact spot to break through their fortified house and leave the pigs vulnerable for destruction.

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In order to clear the level, you need to destroy all of the pigs before all of your birds have been used. If you do so with birds left in line, you will receive 10,000 points per bird. The number of points you earn per level awards you a certain number of stars and the ultimate goal is to get 3 stars per level and earn achievements. Many of the levels require a knock-out in one fell swoop, meaning one bird to kill all of the pigs. This is where skill really comes in. Your finger pulls back the slingshot and the slightest angle can change the whole trajectory. The flightpath of the last bird stays on the screen and is crucial in helping with your next shot. There are a dozen or so golden eggs hidden throughout the game in very unexpected places, so don't be afraid to explore the screens (and not just the gameplay screens). These elusive golden eggs unlock even more hidden levels.

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With seemingly endless themes and constant App Store updates adding levels, Angry Birds and Angry Birds HD provide hours of addictive and often times frustrating fun. If you're a fangirl like me, you'll want to watch the cinematic trailer, which provides a 2-minute cartoon of the delightfully amusing back story.  As expected, the iPad version is much richer in quality and graphics but I wholeheartedly enjoy both. There is a reason this app is the #1 paid app all over the world. It's worth it.

Angry Birds

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