Radio Shack opening at 6 AM on June 4th for EVO 4G customers

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 2, 2010


Everyone is excited to get their hands on the EVO 4G, and now those who pre-ordered their device from Radio Shack will be able to get their EVO before everyone else without bribing the employees.  Radio Shack announced today that they will be opening 1,600 of its stores at 6 A.M. on June 4th to accomodate those customers who pre-ordered HTC's Android-powered superphone.  On top of opening early, The Shack will be giving customers that pre-ordered a 15 percent discount on EVO accessories purchased on launch day.  If you didn't plan ahead and pre-order, Radio Shack has said that they will have some EVOs available for other customers, as well.  Finally, some Radio Shacks will become "EVO 4G Experience Centers," which sounds like they may have small, portable 4G towers available for customers to try out a 4G connection.  Hopefully those customers actually have 4G available in their home towns, otherwise that would be quite a tease by Radio Shack.  So, are any of you heading to Radio Shack at 6 A.M. to get your EVO?

Via Phone Scoop

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