Leaked T-Mobile screenshot outs free BBerry, Android app guides

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| June 10, 2010

Planning on buying a new Android or BlackBerry device in the near future, but have no experience with smartphones or applications?  Well don't fret because it looks like T-Mobile's got you covered.  Starting June 16, in an effort to assure that customers will "get the most out of their devices," T-Mobile will be handing out books and guides on using applications to maximize the experience you'll get with your new, exciting device.  From the looks of it you'll have to buy a brand new device from the 16th going forward (while supplies last) to be eligible for one of these books.  In the case of the Android App Book, you can buy one from T-Mobile or Barnes & Noble for $19.99 if you're not eligible to receive it free.  According to the tipster who sent this our way, new customers who buy the myTouch devices don't get the App Guide, just the App Book - though he also mentioned it's a rather sweet looking book.  Purchasers of myTouch devices will also get a T-Mobile magazine, and those who buy a new BlackBerry will get the BlackBerry Insiders Guide.

 As fast as apps get approved and removed from varying App markets, it's interesting to think that books have actually been written on the topic.  However, for new users, I do believe they will add value for those who just need to get a start.  Anyone planning on picking up one of these free guides along with a new phone come June 16?  Let us know in the comments!