MyTouch 3G Slide rooted, ready for your mods

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: June 15, 2010

MyTouch 3G Slide root

While it may have taken a little longer than most, the myTouch 3G Slide has finally been rooted.  The work was completed by Eugene373, who has experience with hacking Android devices, having worked with the Motorola CLIQ and Samsung Behold II in the past.  While some devices take longer than others to root, they all eventually succumb to a hacker's will.  Whatever the device is, rooting and modding have certainly become an important part of the Android culture.  Now that the myTouch 3G Slide is finally rooted, we can expect to see all different kinds of hacks and mods being brought to the device.  This news comes just in time for T-Mobile's big sale on June 19th, as well, when all of its handsets will be free when you add a line on a family plan.  If you're feeling brave and want to root your new device, there are instructions and download links available here

Via Android Community

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