Poll: Summer smartphone attack! iPhone 4 or new DROID?

Aaron Baker – 
Published: June 16, 2010

Without a doubt, this year has been the busiest I've ever seen in the wireless industry.  Every time I turn around, something else is being rumored, teased, or launched on top of something else.  We all know how important iPhone 4 is for Apple (and AT&T), but I'm thinking we're going to see something at Verizon's DROID press event next week.  If all goes according to (rumored) plan, a new DROID or two could be headed our way.

So I ask you, my friends - if you're going to the store to get a phone in the coming weeks, are you on team iPhone or team DROID?  Cast your vote, and defend it in the comments below!  DROID vs. iPhone...it's on!

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