Who let the dogs out? June 18, 2010

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| June 18, 2010

Ladies and gentleman, welcome to the latest edition of "Who let the dogs out?"  This week we've been busy keeping you posted about tomorrow's exciting T-Mobile Father's Day sale, the Samsung Galaxy S clearing the FCC, plenty of juicy DROID X details, T-Mobiles recent addition of 25 metro areas to their HSPA+ network, and much more.  By now you know we strive to bring you the hottest up-to-the-minute news to keep you informed on what's important to you in the mobile tech industry.  Unfortunately, at times that means leaving a few things out.  But fear not as below you'll see our best attempts to fill in the gaps.  Somehow this week it managed to be entirely HTC related, but in any case, enjoy!


HTC EVO 4G gets overclocked to 1.267GHz

As you probably know by now, the HTC EVO 4G has been rooted by developers who prefer to have more control over their superphones.  And with root comes all sorts of fun things, but in this case we're talking about an overclocked CPU.  One of the guys from XDA developers has managed to overclock his EVO to 1.267GHz which, according to him is roughly a 30% increase over the current 1GHz speed.  In the video, the developer uses the Linpack benchmarking app to test the improvement, and as you'll see the results are quite nice.  Check out the video above to see for yourself, and let us know if you get similar results (at your own risk, of course)!

Via Engadget


HTC Legend available with AT&T 3G bands

The HTC Legend was announced this year at CES and many were drooling over its sleek aluminum unibody frame.  We waited and waited hoping for the announcement for a US carrier, but still it seems we continue to wait.  But if this is the phone you've been holding out for, there's still hope fo you.  Thanks to Canadian carrier Bell, who just launched the device a few days back, Legend lovers can pick up an AT&T 3G compatible phone for slightly less than $500.  It may seem high, but hey, there's a price for exclusivity, no?

Via Phandroid


Nexus one to launch in Korea with Froyo

In last weeks episode of "Who let the dogs out?" I made mention of the fact that Korea's KT would be getting the Nexus One.  What I didn't mention (do you really think I'd hold out on you like that?) was that when the N1 launches, it will be doing so with a delicious frosty dairy desert on-board.  Though Froyo doesn't come cheap anywhere you buy it, assuming you do so off contract, and in Korea it's no different.  If you're looking to pick up the Froyo-equipped N1 it will cost you roughly $576.  If you're willing to sign your life away, you can get it for what amounts to $125, but don't sit around thinking about it because apparently when it launches on June 21 there will only be 4,000 devices available.  Otherwise you'll be waiting until July for the next supply.  Are you still sitting there?  The Apple guy is camping out six days early, what about you?

Via Engadget


HTC EVO 4G gets Flash 10.1, or does it?

Yesterday there were several reports that HTC EVO 4G owners would be able to download Flash 10.1 for their devices without the need to root or run Android 2.2.  It's not an official release from Adobe, but these days developers tend to have things ready faster than the companies who create the software (granted, stability can rarely be guaranteed).  According to IntoMobile Flash 10.1 also seems to be working on the HTC Hero and will likely work on other Android 2.1 devices running HTCs Sense overlay.  The bad news?  Well, the folks at IntoMobile tried to get Flash running on their EVOs using several different methods, to no avail.  Hit the source link to get full details on their approach.  If you try the download yourself, let us know how it goes!

Via IntoMobile


That's all we've got for now, but stay tuned to PhoneDog for all the latest articles, videos, news, phone reviews, discussions and more!  Oh, and don't forget to have a great weekend!