Apple vs. Google: PhoneDog's Noah Kravitz on CNBC

Aaron Baker
Writer from  Dallas, TX
| June 25, 2010

PhoneDog's Noah Kravitz was on CNBC Wednesday, discussing the ever-brewing war between Apple and Google.  Among the topics discussed included iPhone 4, Motorola's new DROID X smartphone, and the future of the two platforms.

Some of Noah's quotes from the segment:

"600,000 people dealt with broken servers on Apple and AT&T side both to pre-order iPhone….I know plenty of people that spent all day hitting refresh trying to get their orders in."

"The Android army is getting bigger and stronger everyday."

"The big elephant in the room here is if Apple opens up the iPhone to Verizon…"

Check out the video below, and give your Apple vs. Google opinion below.