Update for EVO 4G returns, promises a brickless experience [Updated]

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| Published: June 30, 2010

Monday Sprint and HTC released an OTA update for the HTC EVO 4G that was supposed to fix several issues including Wi-Fi, and possibly even improve battery life.  All was well until the update started bricking phones.  The problem wasn't the update itself, it was the fact that a few people received and implemented the update twice.  The second instance of the update (which was the same as the first), for some reason caused the devices of those who received it and decided to give it another go, to essentially die.

What prompted the update to be sent out to some devices twice, we may never know, but as soon as the problem was realized, Sprint pulled the update for fear that too many devices would be affected.  Now, just two days after the initial OTA update went out, it looks as if Sprint has fixed the problem and reissued the update.  I just received mine a few minutes ago and the download seems to have gone through seamlessly.  Let's just hope that no more EVOs get taken out this time around.  Let us know if the second update works for you or if there is still some brick left in it.

Update: I just wanted to pass on the official follow up for the update to the EVO 4G from Sprint:

1.     The software update (1.47.651.1) for the HTC EVO 4G that was temporarily suspended is again available for download. HTC and Sprint have implemented changes that eliminate the issue that a small number of HTC EVO 4G customers experienced, and owners should not hesitate to accept the software update when prompted. 

 2.     Consumers who are experiencing problems powering up their HTC EVO 4G after the June 28th update should visit their nearest Sprint corporate store to have their device inspected by a Sprint representative, after which appropriate steps will be taken to reach a positive resolution. Customers can check the store locator to find a Sprint retail store.  Check the box titled “repairs,” and the list will populate with appropriate locations. Store Locator link: http://sprint.findlocation.com/

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