T-Mobile to stop selling Sidekicks as of July 2nd

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| July 1, 2010

It looks as though this week is becoming the official (no, not really official) week to end the lives of Microsoft cell phones, some earlier than others.  Yesterday we found out that the KIN was dead and today T-Mobile has notified us that the Sidekick LX and Sidekick 2008 will meet their maker as of tomorrow, July 2.  Unlike the KINs which got the can early in their life, the Sidekick line of phones have had a decent run, and by the looks of things the name will resurface in the future.  Here's T- Mobile's reasoning for the decision:

As T-Mobile looks to further innovate and raise the bar for the next iteration of the T-Mobile Sidekick, as of July 2, the Sidekick LX and Sidekick 2008 will no longer be available through T-Mobile, including retail stores, care, telesales and online. While we work on the next chapter of our storied Sidekick franchise, T-Mobile will continue to provide our loyal Sidekick customers with product service and support. Stay tuned for exciting updates in the months ahead, which we expect will provide customers with a new and fresh experience.

As you can see, even in simply ending the lives of two of their popular feature phones, T-Mobile can't help but tease the inevitable release of yet another Sidekick branded device.  The real question is whether the name Sidekick will be advanced from feature phone to smartphone.  Anyone saving up for the next-gen Sidekick?