Android Gingerbread rumors debunked, then clarified

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: July 2, 2010

Dan Morrill tweet

Remember those rumored Android Gingerbread requirements we posted yesterday?  There have been some updates to the rumors, making the whole situation a lot stickier.  Google's own Dan Morrill addressed the rumors on Twitter, saying "I love it when people just make stuff up and report it as news" with a link to the original article on Unwired View.  He continued later on, tweeting "In summary, please remember that rumors are not official announcements. ;)."  After these messages, the rumors starting looking less and less accurate.

Today, Unwired View has responded to Morrill's statements, saying that they mistranslated Eldar Murtazin's podcast that started this whole frenzy.  UW said that they misunderstood when Murtazin when they thought he said that Gingerbread would be Android 3.0.  Murtazin also chimed in to say that the specs he listed off were not required, but were, in fact, recommended specs.

All rumors have the possibility of being slightly off-base or maybe even completely wrong, which is why we tag them as a "rumor" until there is official confirmation.  As usual, every time you read a rumor, you should increase your sodium intake with a little NaCl. Google is most definitely working on another version of Android.  After they hired Matias Duarte as Android's User Experience Director, I wouldn't be surprised to see some user interface tweaks with the next version of the OS, either.  Regardless of whether or not the previous rumors are true, I'm sure the new version of Android will continue to improve the platform and impress us all.

Via Android Central, Unwired View