Apple's "letter" not causing lawyers to back down

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| Published: July 2, 2010

If you're part of the following that doesn't quite buy into the "Letter from Apple Regarding iPhone 4," you're certainly not the only one.  I'm quite sure Apple didn't expect to quiet everyone with this morning's press release, but perhaps they felt it would calm the masses for a bit while they work on getting that software patch pushed out, hoping it will resolve the issues once and for all.

As I was reading some of the comments to the original story, I noticed that several of you didn't agree with Apple's reasoning, one reader in particular (jb6789) made an interesting point:

"If you read the official statement carefully, it has been crafted by Apple lawyers to better fortify its defenses in court. It diverts the discussion on causation to software (much of which is proprietary) AND dutifully reminds its customers of the return policy. Folks, this is not a solution any more than BP's use of dispersants in the Gulf. Just my opinion."

Interestingly, Mason LLP, one of the firms that have filed suit against Apple for the ongoing antenna issues had by many iPhone 4 users, also has an opinion on the matter.  According to the firm:

"Our investigation revealed that users lost reception when gripping the phone in a conventional manner. We believe that the problem is not merely how the signal strength is displayed but involves a physical blocking of the antennae which cuts off calls."

I suppose we'll have to wait for the software update to come out, and see what happens.  But as you can see there won't be any lawyers backing down based on Apples statement alone, any time soon.  It's hard to say what will come of all this yet, as the courts must be held up these dates with all the class action and patents suits going on in the the tech arena.  Thoughts?  Comments?

Via TechCrunch

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