Best Buy pre-sells DROID X for Verizon, again

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| July 5, 2010

Last week we reported that Best Buy and Best Buy Mobile stopped their pre-sale of the Motorola DROID X after receiving more pre-orders than they would have phones to give out.  In an interesting turn of events, Best Buy has decided to make the pre-order available again.  The limited pre-sale event started yesterday July 4, 2010 and is expected to last until Saturday, July 10th 2010.  There is a caveat, however - availability is not guaranteed.  If you pre-order a DROID X in this second pre-sale event, your order will be fulfilled in the order it was received.  For more info, see the bullets from Best Buy's Community forums below:

Does pre-ordering the Droid X by Motorola at Best Buy® guarantee me a phone on launch day?

No. However, we do fulfill pre-orders in the order they were placed.

Did Best Buy® take pre-orders for the Droid X by Motorola?

Yes. We began accepting pre-orders for the Droid X on June 25th, 2010, but we stopped taking pre-orders on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010.

If I pre-ordered the Droid X by Motorola at Best Buy®, does that mean I am supposed to get it on launch day?

Ideally, yes. But, this is not supposed to be guaranteed and is completely dependent on how many the store receives from the supplier. Any inventory received will be used to fulfill outstanding pre-orders in the order they were placed. For example, if the store has twenty pre-orders on launch day but only received fifteen phones, then the first fifteen pre-orders should receive their phone on launch day.

The DROID X is a hot commodity, as are most new high-end Android devices.  Just about every recent top notch Android phone has sold out within days of its availability.  Are you going to pre-order now, knowing you may still have to wait to get your device, or will you camp out in front of Verizon the night before launch day?

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