Garminfone sales headed in the wrong direction?

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| July 5, 2010


It's been less than a month since the Garmin-Asus Garminfone became available for sale on Magenta, and already reports are suggesting that the phone is not selling as well as some would have hoped.  According to Yair Reiner, an analyst for Morgan Keegan, T-Mobile has sold an estimated 20,000 phones since its launch.  When you think about phones like the DROID Incredible, EVO 4G and the Apple iPhone who sold considerably more than 20,000 phones in one day, you begin to realize how small the number really is.

According to Reiner, several days after the initial launch of the phone, several stores (out of the 50 he used in his research sample) "had not yet put the handset out on display, which was probably not very beneficial for sales. Others had not sold any despite displays being setup and several sold a few (less than 5). As of the beginning of this week stores have yet to show any meaningful sales numbers with maybe 5 sold on average per store since launch."

The Garminfone, while said to have an excellent navigation interface (one would certainly hope), comes with Android 1.6 which in and of itself probably makes the phone a difficult sell.  That and the fact that phones with Android 2.1 come stock with Google Navigation, who needs a phone specifically set up with navigation when resources can be allocated elsewhere?

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