Analyst: Supply may hinder iPhone 4 sales?

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| Published: July 6, 2010

Despite record pre-orders and subsequent sales of the iPhone 4, and lines wrapping around corners for blocks on launch day, the newest in the line of iPhone's has had its share of troubles from the start.  The biggest issue by far has been the design of the antenna, which many are saying has caused significant decrease in signal strength simply by grasping the device as usual.  But even with all the complaints, you can be quite sure that Apple's sales won't take a far enough dip to interrupt Steve Jobs during one of his Unicorn-back riding lessons.

And even though it would probably take a great deal of effort to slow sales, one analyst seems to think Apple's strategy has been more aggressive than current supplies of iPhone 4s can handle.  Shaw Wu, analyst for Kaufman Bros. has elected to change his June quarter forecast from an expected 9 million units to 7.5 million, a 20% decrease in expected sales.  Here is his reasoning:

“Based on our more detailed analysis of supply chain data we are shifting our iPhone assumptions to latter quarters due to the high likelihood that an inventory drawdown and screen supply constraints could impact near-term shipments over the next two quarters...We believe most Street estimates have not factored this in and thus we believe consensus at 8.5 million iPhones for the June quarter may likely prove too aggressive.”

With all that's going on in iPhone 4 world these days, nothing really surprises me anymore, but it will certainly be interesting to see if Wu's forecast is accurate.  Of course, you'll have to stick around a bit to see the actual results.

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