AT&T reacting to network strain, slowing upload speeds?

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| July 6, 2010

AT&T is known for a few things, one of them being the fact that they are the sole carrier (at this time) to provide the coveted Apple iPhone to millions of (insert stereotype here) Apple fans nationwide.  What it's not known for, unfortunately, is having the strongest network to support the iPhone along with its other line of smartphones.  Recently, AT&T decided - somewhat unexpectedly - to implement tiered data pricing plans for new and current customers who wanted to make the switch.  The new pricing structure received mixed reviews and a lot of heated debate.

Adding to all the fun, several GIGaOm readers are reporting a severe decrease in data upload speeds over the last several days.  One reader in particular complained that he "saw upload speeds drop from over 1 Mbps to under 100 kbps."  So, the question at hand is: Is this just a fluke, or is AT&T making some changes on their end to prepare for (or react to) the recent barrage of iPhone users who are likely doing their best to put a strain on AT&T's network?

Via GIGaOm

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