Asus denies Garminfone sales are poor, won't stop for directions either

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| Published: July 7, 2010

Monday we reported that Garmin-Asus' Garminfone, sold by T-Mobile, was not doing very well in terms of sales.  The study done by a Morgan Keegan analyst suggested that out of 50 retail stores surveyed, most had sold five or fewer Garminfones since its release about a month ago.  Today, DigiTimes is reporting that Asustek (aka Asus), who partners with Garmin (hence Garmin-Asus), is denying that sales are poor.  According to DigiTimes, "Asustek said that shipments to T-Mobile are as previously planned and has received positive demand from the consumer market."  Unfortunately, however, Asus didn't release any sales numbers making it difficult to determine how well they are actually doing.  I suppose it's possible that they were just testing the market (like the Nexus One?  Yeah right!) and 20,000 is what they're calling "as previously planned," but without those numbers, there's just no telling.  Did anyone buy a Garminfone?  How's it holding up?

Via DigiTimes

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