T-Mobile launching Samsung Vibrant on July 15th? [Updated]

Ari Robbins
Contributing Editor from  Atlanta, GA
| July 7, 2010

OK folks, I think you may need to sit down for this one!  The Samsung Vibrant, which became available for pre-order on July 1st, a full 21 days before its expected official release, may now be available next week!  The folks over at TmoNews have been hearing from multiple sources that Magenta's variant of the Samsung Galaxy S - the only variant with a launch date, mind you - will be launched nearly a week early, next Thursday, July 15th.  Well, it's a good thing it'll be the only phone being launched that day...wait, what?!  That's right, if I were a gambling man I'd say T-Mobile is bringing it's 'A' game out to the phone-launch field, and plans on going head to head with Verizon's Motorola monster.  Of course, it's not confirmed just yet, but stay tuned to the site for updates.  Who's excited!

Via TmoNews

Update: I've replaced the original picture with what appears to be evidence that the Samsung Vibrant will be launched on the 15th, not the 21st!  Now we just wait for the official announcement.

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